Western Gorilla

Western Gorilla ZBrush I took a lot of reference for the anatomy and hair, this Creature lives in tropical and […]

Amazon Audible

Skin Sculpt, Lighting and Hair system for Amazon Audible Bat Maya ZBrush: To create the Bat skin, Bat Maya ZBrush […]


ZBrush Maya Creature Elephant I’ve gathered I lot of reference for this model (Skeleton, muscles and fat skin -wrinkles-). I’ve […]

Elephant Skeleton

Maya Skeleton Elephant Creature This is a skeletal model that I made in Maya for structural support of muscles for the […]


Maya Hair system  

Toxic Flea

In this personal job I've created my own and unique Flea. I didn't want to create the usual and know flea, but instead I wanted it to look more creature with some attitude, and a rider.