ZBrush Maya Creature Elephant

I’ve gathered I lot of reference for this model (Skeleton, muscles and fat skin -wrinkles-).

I’ve begun this model with a Skeleton in Maya to get the base structure form,

then I added a muscle anatomy trying to approach to the final volumen.


Following that I’ve “dynamesh” the model and increased its subdivision levels adding the first blocking of wrinkles and getting the right volumen in ankles and elbows.

After that I’ve back to Maya and started to do the retopology for the low poly model.

Following on I moved to the UVs in UVlayout, having done this I’ve back again to ZBrush were I did some more clay passes to get the right details and imperfections.

The most of the wrinkles (Head, Trunk, tail, elbows, knees) was made by hand.

For the textures I used polypaint and some layered texture for the tusk; the water was created with a displacement map and the grass was created with splines I’ve used XGen.

For the lighting process I’ve used four lights, a couple of those ligths are pointing back on his body to get the sun rays back to him.

The final composition was made between Nuke and Photoshop.

Finally This work was selected “Image of the week” by 3DArtist Magazine (Issue 75 – Page 20)