About Me

Senior Modeler & Lighter

Hello! I’m Andres Zorrilla.

I’m a CG Artist. My focus is primarily on Character, Creature and Environment Modeling, Digital Sculpting, Texturing,and Lighting. I have experience with a variety of tools including Maya, ZBrush, Arnold, Nuke and Photoshop.

I currently live and work in Buenos Aires (Argentina)
I’m passionate about CG ever since I was a kid. When I was a child I’ve watched a lot of cartoons like Hall of Justice, Transformers, Centella, Disney stories, Hanna Barbera and as I grew up the Video Games started to blew up my mind!
My best plan was to come back from school and spent hours watching and analysing cartoons. I’ve had always thought about the possibility of being part of the creation of those amazing stories and fantasies.

I’ve started to make drawings on the walls in my room and decorating my place with toys and cartoon posters. Then in the mid of 90’s I met the first version of Maya and from that moment it was one way trip!
Being able to create my own characters was something I’ve always dreamt.

I hope you enjoy my work!