This Charcater was made for a Live Action Film, Softs: Mari, Maya, Arnold, ZBrush

Dr. Guts

Dr. Guts bust was made all ZBrush and rendered in Arnold and (ZBrush).

Akira’s Tales

This work was made between Maya and Zbrush,final render in Arnold.

Kid Pambele

Kid Pambele was made all in ZBrush and a compo in Photoshop.


This Robot was made in Maya and Zbrush for B&C UK (all right reserved to:

The Prayer

This bust was made all in ZBrush and its for all those who are looking for some answer


Evanna its a stylized char and was made all ZBrush

Glam Steampunk

This character was based on a concept and the focus was the female anatomy. all work done in ZBrsuh.


Western Gorilla

Western Gorilla ZBrush I took a lot of reference for the anatomy and hair, this Creature lives in tropical and […]

FOX Tv series 2091

Master Ligthing shots

Amazon Audible

Skin Sculpt, Lighting and Hair system for Amazon Audible Bat Maya ZBrush: To create the Bat skin, Bat Maya ZBrush […]


ZBrush Maya Creature Elephant I’ve gathered I lot of reference for this model (Skeleton, muscles and fat skin -wrinkles-). I’ve […]

Elephant Skeleton

Maya Skeleton Elephant Creature This is a skeletal model that I made in Maya for structural support of muscles for the […]

Ola Bola Movie

Master Lighting for the movie Ola Bola


I've had the pleasure to work for three years in the long film called "Metegol". As part of the lighting team, we used a certain amount of lights to get the correct shapes for each character, set and props.


Cowboy ZBrush I tried to create a western old fashion guy dressed in classical clothes. I focused on creating the […]

Shoehouse (W.I.P)

Maya Model Environment Shoe House was modeled in Maya and Zbrsuh This model was for a shor film purposes (Called “Red […]


Hard surface Model Maya Sony I worked to create the modules for this control one by one, I create a […]

The Dancer

ZBrush Anatomy The entire work done in Zbrush. This is a study for bones, muscles and also gesture. Initially started […]


Maya Hair system  


ZBrush Maya CGI CAVEMAN This is a personal project. inspired by portrait photography. Also, one of the goal was to […]


I really like science fiction, and the mix between humans and robots its by far one of my favorites genres, thats why I made this Cyborg.

Toxic Flea

In this personal job I've created my own and unique Flea. I didn't want to create the usual and know flea, but instead I wanted it to look more creature with some attitude, and a rider.


I've always thought that modelling a famous face it's a real challenge for Modelers and Sculptors, that's why Clint came into my mind.

Anatomy Study

ZBrush Anatomy The entire work done in Zbrush. This is a study for bones and muscles Initially started with dynamesh […]